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Basic Phrases

Basic Phrases

Here come some basic Polish phrases that should be helpful when learning the Polish language. We recommend that you memorize them as they will become handy on different occasions.

The examples listed below are just a very few greetings, basic introduction, responses and ways of expressing your feelings.

Please note that if you find it difficult to pronounce the Polish vowels such as ą and ę, you can always look them up here.

If there are other phrases that you would like us to include on this site, please email us through our “Email us” form.

Polish language – Basic Phrases:

dzień dobry (dz’ehn DOH-brih) – good morning / good afternoon

dobry wieczór (DOH-brih v-YETCH-oor) – good evening

do widzenia (doh vee-DZEN-yah) – good bye

cześć! (tsheshch) – hi, hello! or bye

Jak się masz? (yahk shyeh mahsh) – How are you?

Co robisz? (co robish) – What you doing?

Jak się nazywasz? (YAHK sheng nahZYwash) or Jak masz na imię? (YAHK mahsh nah EE-myeng) – What’s your name?

Nazywam się… (nah-ZIH-vahm sheng) or Mam na imię… (mahm nah EE-myeng) – My name is…

Nie mówię po polsku (nyeh MOW-vyeng poh POL-skoo) – I do not speak Polish

Nie mówię po angielsku (nye MOW-vyeng poh eng-lskou) – I do not speak English

tak (tahk) – yes (in Polish “tak” is usually enough to confirm something)

nie (nyeh) – no or not (in Polish “nie” is usually enough to deny something)

Lubię Cię (loo-bee-EH che) – I like youKocham Cię (ko-ham che) – I love you