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Polish food


Let`s not kid each other, we – human beings – love our food. We get up to a thought of what to eat for breakfast; we spend time at work talking about what to make for dinner, while munching our lunch… and as far as I`m concerned there are worse cases than that out there.

Considering how much interest Polish food brings into the English society, I have decided to include some of the main meals on this website along with their recipes.

Here they come:

Pierogi ruskie

Pierogi are an important part of the Polish culture and cuisine. They became popular in other European nations such as Slovakia, Romania, and Ukraine. It is quite common that Polish pierogi are called dumplings, made of dough, usually shaped into a semi-circle.pierogi There are several types of fillings that can be used when making them: potato and cheese, mushrooms, sauerkraut, meat, potato and sour cream, fruits such as blueberry, or even spinach.


•             1 small onion

•             Mashed potato (cold) (made of about ½ kg of potatoes)

•             Cottage cheese (150 – 200 g)

•             Butter

•             Salt and pepper (not specified as it depends on everybody`s taste)

•             Flour (300 g)

•             Warm water (200 ml)

That`s how it`s done:

  1. Chop up onion and cook it until it becomes soft.
  2. Add cooked onion to mashed potatoes and cheese and mix well.
  3. Mix flour and salt in a separate bowl to make dough.
  4. Knead dough on board covered with a little bit of flour. Pierogi_doughKeep dough soft.
  5. Roll it thin and then cut out round pieces with a glass.Pierogi_eound_pieces
  6. Put some filling in the middle and fold in half to make a semi-circle.
  7. Press edges together firmly so the filling doesn`t come out at the edges.
  8. Cover finished pierogi with tea towels to prevent drying.
  9. Boil hot water in a pan, add some salt and put pierogi (a few) in that pan.
  10. Make sure that none of them sinks or stick to each other. Boil for a few minutes till they all float.
  11. When ready, put them in a bowl and spread butter all over them to stop from sticking to each other.

Pierogi can be served with double cream and some sugar or with chopped and fried onion on the top; but nothing stops you from being creative and choosing something else instead.

Some people prefer to fry previously boiled pierogi until their skin becomes crispyFried-pierogi(due to butter spread all over them) but the choice is yours!